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Fast and easy booking process.

You have better things to do than spend hours making a travel booking. Flightsuit is, without a doubt, the fastest way to book trips. Most trips can be booked in two minutes or less. How much time will you save?

Book for yourself or your co-workers.

Every business is different. Some have employees book their own travel, some have one person look after everything, others mix it up. Whatever works for you works with Flightsuit.

No booking fees. No markups. Ever.

Call us crazy, but we think if you book something yourself, you shouldn't pay a fee. We keep our overheads low so you can save on every booking.

No more copy and paste.

Stop typing the same thing over and over again. We securely store your payment details, frequent flyer numbers and passport details and automatically add them to bookings. You'll be amazed how something so simple can change everything.

Manager approvals, done right.

Sometimes you need a bit more control of how much employees are spending on travel. By enabling our approval process, booking are sent to designated approvers, most likely a manager, for one final check.

You make the rules.

Every part of Flightsuit can be controlled by our powerful rules engine. Don 't want staff booking a particular airline? Turn it off! Want to send a trip for manager approval once it exceeds a certain dollar about? No problem.

No contracts. No lock-in.

We want you to use Flightsuit because it's awesome, not because a contract says you have to. So yeah, no contracts.

Same airlines and hotels you book today.

All the airlines your company books today are available on Flightsuit. And if you have a special deal with your prefered hotel, no problem, you can bring that along for the ride! And don't worry, traveller still get their all important points and status credits!

For Travellers

Flightsuit's quick and simple booking process saves you time and headaches.

Book with confidence. Flightsuit only shows you options allowed by your company policy.

No more expense claims, we handle sending the right information to your accounts department.

For Business Owners

Flightsuit streamlines your travel processes, improving staff productivity.

Stay in control of your travel budget through increased visibilty and control of travel spend.

Save money on every booking with no fees and access to corporate airline and hotel rates.

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