Flightsuit is where business travel happens.

Flightsuit brings together all the airlines, hotels and cars you already book into one fast and simple to use workflow.

A complete solution for every business.

  • Next generation booking system.

    Book Flights and Hotels in record time thanks to our stunningly fast booking system that integrates directly with airlines and hotels.

    Staff who arrange travel for their co-workers will see a huge jump in productivity, with the time to create bookings cut by up to 60%.

    How much time will you save?

  • Book now, ask the boss later.

    We do approvals differently. Employees book their trip on Flightsuit which is automatically sent to their manager for approval along with the actual price and itinerary. Payment and confirmation only happens once the manager gives us the go-ahead.

  • Better airfares for business.

    Are you getting the best deal on your Qantas or Virgin Australia flights? We can help you access special corporate pricing from airlines and set up Flightsuit to maximise their value.

  • Ready anytime, anywhere.

    Coffee in your left hand, Flightsuit in your right, what a combo! All our powerful features work just as well on a mobile device as they do at your desk.

  • Flightsuit remembers you.

    Stop digging through emails for frequent flyer and hotel loyalty program numbers, tell Flightsuit once and they will automatically be applied to every relevant booking. And you can stop handing your corporate credit card out left, right and centre, your billing details are stored securely and you control the access.

  • You make the rules.

    No more grey areas, create black and white rules defining who can book travel and how. Our rules engine has simple presets for the most common types of rules, plus you can create ones to satisfy any requirement.

  • All the data you need, when you need it.

    Having the right data makes everyone’s life easier. With all your travel data in once place, understanding how your spending your travel budget gets a whole lot easier. And if you see a pattern you don’t like, you can use the rules engine to change it, instantly.

  • Put a smile on your accountant’s face.

    It’s not all about your travelling staff, Flightsuit’s got your accountant’s back as well. You’ll see the beginning of a grin when they see the savings you made not paying sneaky fees, but once they reconcile a whole month of travel in minutes using our consolidated statement they will radiate happiness like a kid on Christmas morning.

The best travel platform for every business

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